6 Ways To Prevent AIDS

6 Ways to Prevent AIDS

Ways to prevent HIV or AIDS

Practice safe sex The one best and completely effective way of preventing AIDS is refraining yourself from anal, oral, or vaginal sex. Since this might not be possible for everybody, the next best bet would be taking measure to protect yourself when you are sexually active. Condoms are considered most effective at protecting you from the HIV/AIDS.

Avoid sharing medical equipment’s Sharing needles or other injecting equipment’s can put you at increased risk of getting HIV. If you are addicted to drugs, quit the habit and talk to a health care provider to discuss options for substance abuse.

Consider preventive medication Preventive medications can help lower the risk of HIV if you at high risk.

Get tested for HIV during pregnancy If you have conceived, then you should get tested for HIV. IF you get diagnosed with the deadly infection, taking the appropriate medications can reduce your risk of transmitting the infection to your baby.

Avoid blood contact – Avoid getting anyone’s blood to come in contact with your open wounds or cuts you have on your skin. Also protect your eyes, mouth and nose.

Limit sexual partners – Having more sexual partner increases the risk of risk of getting infected with HIV/AIDS. Being in a mutual relationship with someone who is HIV free is your best bet.