7 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

7 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers continue to unravel the complex brain changes involved in Alzheimer’s disease. It appears like damage to the brain start much earlier than memory, and another cognitive impairment appears. During the initial stages of the neurological disorder, people seem to be symptom-free, but unaware of the toxic changes taking place in the brain.

The initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s vary from person to person. The disease impacts everyone differently, and it shows some early signs and symptoms. Check out the list of seven early signs of Alzheimer’s that confirms the presence of the neurological disorder.

Trouble remembering things that just happened

Initially only short-term memory loss occurs, with long term memory issues developing later as the disease progresses. People may forget an appointment or the name of a client in the office. Many people complaint of memory loss but they can provide details regarding the incidence of forgetfulness such as where they were doing at the time. However, the condition can be severe and indicate dementia when the incidence is asked and being unable to recall a specific instance and unable to remember something. Forgetting important events, asking for the same information repeatedly, and relying more on family members or require notes to perform daily tasks.

Unable to solve simple problems

Struggling to solve your kid’s simple math problems or tracking monthly bills. When you take longer to do these things, consider a doctor consultation.

Difficulty determining place or time

Losing track of the date or seasons are also common symptoms of Alzheimer’s planning can be a difficult task for people affected with Alzheimer’s as this task is not immediately occurring.

Trouble performing familiar tasks

Some people go through problems with concentration. Some daily tasks require focus, and you take longer to complete them as the disease progresses. While driving, if you or your loved one forget a commonly traveled route, consider this may be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

Speech problems

People with Alzheimer’s often find difficulty finding the right word when initiating the conversation. An affected individual may stop in between the conversation as he/she may forget ho what to say and how to finish a sentence. This causes them to repeat words and conversations.

Problem making decisions

This is a matter of concern if an affected individual works in the finance industry. Financial choices may demonstrate poor judgment. For example, donation more than required money to telemarketers. For such individuals, physical hygiene also becomes less of a concern. A rapid decline in bathing frequency and lack of willingness to change clothes on a regular is an indication of Alzheimer’s.