Here’s how crowdfunding helped in Aditya Baijal’s urgent treatment!

What seems like a common disease sometime turns out to be a horrific one. Such was the case with Aditya Baijal, who was pursuing MBA at IIM, Ghaziabad. It all started with a bad stomach ache that Aditya experienced one night in December last year. He assumed it was because of his irregular eating cycles and late nights that was causing the pain. He visited the doctor and was told that it was nothing to worry about.

Aditya moved on with his life and visited his home in Jhansi, in February. He experienced stomach ache again and this time it had spread to his back. Aditya realized that there was something wrong and that the pain was unusual. He visited a doctor again and was asked to undergo a few tests. Aditya and his friends, family were deeply disturbed to learn that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, a form of cancer that is rare and affects one in a million.

Aditya was asked to start his treatment on an urgent basis. But the cost of the same was a matter of concern for his family. Aditya’s parents have and hail from a humble background. They had exhausted all their savings and were in no position to come to their son’s aid. That’s when three of Aditya’s university friends took charge and decided to collect money to for his treatment.

The trio, who studies at Aditya’s college, managed to collect Rs 3 lakh from students as well as staff members from campus. Aditya’s former colleagues from TCS also chipped in and collected Rs 8 lakh for his treatment.

But these amounts were not enough. The doctors at SGPGI Lucknow, where Aditya was admitted, informed that a total of Rs. 20 lakh would be needed for his treatment and medical bills, considering his rare condition. As a result, Aditya’s family and friends turned to crowdfunding India for help.

Crowdfunding India is a practice through which one can raise funds online, with the help of a large crowd. You can ask each person to contribute a small amount, to add to the goal amount.

With the help of the fundraiser that Aditya’s loved ones created on our platform, they managed to raise Rs. 20 lakh! With the help of the funds collected, Aditya’s family was able to start his treatment, that entailed immunotherapy, an expensive treatment in India.

The advantage to crowdfunding India is that you can approach thousands of people at once instead of being restricted to borrowing money from a few individuals. Another advantage to crowdfunding is that you don’t have to worry about returning the borrowed money, unlike in situations where you obtain loans from banks. You can simply thank your donors through online notes, updates or by giving them gifts and souvenirs.

The process of raising funds is easy and you don’t have to undergo heavy paperwork. All you have to do is start a fundraiser on crowdfunding platforms such as ours and provide details related to your cause and assignment.

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