Can I Have Asthma And Not Know It?

Can I Have Asthma and Not Know It?

You have a cough that never goes away

Coughing is normal and doesn’t mean for many people most of the time. It wouldn’t necessarily always mean asthma. But it is quite possible to have a cough as the only sign of asthma. If you have been coughing for several weeks, or a persistent cough in the absence of cold and flu could be a sign of asthma. When an asthma patient takes a breath, he/she feels an interruption in from of dry cough while catching the breath.


Wheezing is a common symptom but not always indicate asthma. A weird whistling sound while breathing can be a sign of asthma. The condition is common in kids under five years of age. Not every adult suffering from asthma wheezes. If you are not aware of asthma, you may ignore this symptom as it is not harmless, but it is important to get checked out to avoid worsening of asthma symptom.

You experience random episodes of shortness of breath

Most people ignore this symptom as breathlessness can have many causes. Everybody struggles to breathe after a session of strenuous exercise, and physically unfit people often experience this condition. Older adults tend to experience breathlessness as they age. If activities like running, moderate exercise, walking, or gardening may leave you to feel breathless, it could because of your asthma. You should consult a doctor when you struggle to catch your breath even while doing low key activities like household chores. Having frequent bouts of shortness of breath may be a matter and should be discussed with a doctor.

Tightness in the chest

Another common sign of asthma is the feeling of tightness in the chest. There are again numerous causes for chest tightness but a serious one which should not be ignored in any case. Chest tightness, along with breathing difficulties are symptoms of a wide range of diseases, including asthma. A tight chest with restrict breathing affects your lung function.

If you can’t exhale or inhale properly, it may be a sign your lungs are not working well, which means something is going wrong inside your body. It is important to get regular medical care. Your doctor will determine your treatment plan based on the severity of your condition, what triggers you to have airway inflammation, and lifestyle modifications. Quick-relief inhalers can help relax your airways during an asthma episode. You can easily get Ventolin inhaler online to control your asthma symptoms. According to research studies, the majority of people demonstrate the poor technique of using an inhaler drug.

Therefore, it is important to speak to your doctor for the proper usage of the inhaler drugs. Buy Ventolin online from a reliable source that provides authentic medications.

Everybody with asthma is provided with an asthma action plan; following step by step instructions will help to prevent an asthma attack. Religiously following an asthma management plan will make you less likely to visit the hospital because of asthma. Even if you are suffering from mild respiratory illness, it is essential to have it one.