Do You Want to Decrease the Effects of EMFs on Your Body? Here’s How to Do it Right

Most of us have the impression that only cell phones, laptops, and microwave ovens produce high levels of EMFs – but while this is undoubtedly true, there are other things around us which produce EMFs on a daily basis as well. If you are outside, you have to contend with electromagnetic fields from nearby cell phone towers and radio towers, and if you are inside your home, you have to think about your WiFi connection as well as all your other electronic gadgets and appliances. Electromagnetic fields are everywhere; even the earth produces its own electromagnetic field. This constant exposure can become harmful in the long term, and if you want to decrease the effects of EMFs on your body, here’s how to do it right.

  • Laptop and computer use

When you use your laptop, try not to place it directly on your lap. Place it on a table away from you. More importantly, buy a keyboard and a mouse and plug these into the laptop, so you don’t have to touch it directly. Also, avoid using your laptop while you are charging it; this increases its electromagnetic field as well.

When it comes to desktop computers, try to replace your monitor with an LCD monitor as this emits a lower level of radiation compared to CRT monitors. It is also essential to keep the power cables and cords of your computer away from your seat.

  • WiFi, telephone, and cell phone use

Cordless phones can also emit a lot of EMFs, even when you’re not using them. If you can, go for a phone with a cord. Or replace your current cordless phone with one that doesn’t use a DECT system. You can call the manufacturer of the phone to find out what system or technology they use.

You may already be mindful of limiting your time on calls, but if you can, place your cell phone on speaker mode. If you have to go out with your cell phone, don’t store it next to your body. Keep it in a bag or purse away from you – and don’t store it in your pocket. It is also better to send a text message rather than call; do this as often as you possibly can.

  • Lights

Lights in the home are unavoidable, of course, but you can do something about your home’s lighting as well. For instance, stay away from low-voltage lights such as fluorescent tube lights, halogen lights, and CFLs, or compact fluorescent lights. Make use instead of LCD lights, which are cleaner and more efficient. Low-voltage lighting can emit high-frequency EMFs from their transformers or ballasts, and, what’s more, they can also produce so-called ‘dirty electricity’ which is radiation coming from the wiring of a home.

  • Protect yourself with the right products

There are also some things you can buy that offer you enhanced protection from EMFs. These include products specially-made for EMF protection like jewellery (pendants), stones, radiation protection shields for cell phones, and more. Not only do these products protect you from EMFs – but they also contribute to calmness, less stress, and even better sleep.


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