Does Asthma Increase The Risk For Coronavirus?

Does Asthma Increase The Risk For Coronavirus

Does having Asthma increase your risk of developing COVID-19 complications?

There are tons of studies that associated with worse outcomes from the coronavirus disease. However, research is still going on to develop a better understanding of the virus. So far, the data is limited, but clinical experts suggest that asthma is not a major risk for hospitalization. But here are relatively a few data that shows an increased risk for the chronic respiratory tract illness due to COVID from asthma. However, they believe, this associated could continue to evolve. Ultimately, doctors recommend that those dealing with asthma prioritize keeping their asthma under control to help prevent a flare due to the coronavirus disease.

By learning what prevents your asthma symptoms, you can lower your risk for an attack. Living with severe asthma and controlling it can be challenging. But achieving control over your asthma is especially important to prevent an asthma attack from appearing for the second time. Try out these strategies to help manage severe asthma and stay healthy. Learn as much as you can about asthma and be attentive to notice any changes that may mean things are getting worse. Do not wait until things get worse. You may want to prevent things from getting to this stage. Treating severe asthma involves the use of medications.

The use of along acting medication taken daily and a rescue medication or inhaler when symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and breathlessness starts. It is important to see your health care specialist for a regular check-up of lung function and see how well your current treatment is working. Smoke, air pollution, strong odour, or exposure to allergens can trigger an asthma attack. So, it is important to know what triggers asthma symptoms and take precautions to minimize exposure. Keep your windows closed and switch on the air conditioner during summer. Keep your pet out of the bedroom to help minimize the risk of an allergic asthma episode.

Regular use of  inhaler assists in preventing symptoms and asthma inhalers are the preferred ways because the drug can directly reach into the lungs in smaller doses with least side effects. Take care of your health by following all the required steps and stay happy! Since your asthma seems to be improving, do not modify anything without consulting your doctor. It is better to bring your medications with you to each doctor visit so that he can crosscheck that you are taking your asthma medicines correctly and also using the right dose.