Don’t Lose Hope On Quitting Smoking

Don’t Lose Hope on Quitting Smoking

You are probably not alone!

If you have decided to live a smoke-free life, you are probably not the only one. There are thousands of smokers who want to quit this bad habit. Moreover, smokers make several quit attempts before they permanently quit smoking. Therefore, it is important to be confident, and never give up after one try. You can definitely be successful after the second or third attempt. Many people are surprised to hear how difficult smoking cessation is, they felt better and motivated at the same time knowing others have struggled through quit attempts and finally appeared to live a smoke-free life. Knowing that you are not alone, helps build confidence in the patients that feel hopeless and defeated after failing to quit successfully.

Reinforcement is necessary

It takes many attempts to quit. Think about your failure as a success because you tried. Contact your physician and find you what triggers made you return to smoking, and also how to initiate for the third attempt. Experts believed that this approach makes you realize that one attempt is not enough and it absolutely fine. Cutting back further from two packs of cigarette to one is better than smoking two packs.

Asses for Nicotine Addiction

According to experts, the first step to smoking cessation is to get assessed for the levels of nicotine addiction, which can easily be accomplished by a quick Fagerstrom test. Anyone who scores 5- 10 are considered to be highly addictive and could benefit from medications to help quit smoking.

Patients who already have tried their hands on medications should carefully read the instructions overuse because there are chances that such patients who have failed to quit in their previous attempt were not following the directions and thus not getting the benefit from the medications as possible.

Each quit attempt is itself a learning opportunity and helps a patient to identify where they may have gone wrong and make changes for future successful quit attempts.

Encourage yourself

According to experts, people who have failed to quit smoking, especially those who have used all forms of medications, products and counseling sessions may require a different approach. Such patients can achieve smoking cessation by adding bupropion or varenicline to the treatment plan. The advice is that don’t feel discouraged. Remember that every quit is a success because they are just one step closer to get rid of the bad habit. Be positive, letting yourself into thoughts will only distract your mind and will ruin your hard work to build a smoke-free environment. A smoker who wants to quit need support; they need someone to listen to them and hear what their triggers and struggle are. Quitting smoking can be difficult but is not an impossible thing. Quit smoking helps to reduce the risk of smoking-related health issues such as heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer.