History of Anabolic Steroids

Lots have been heard about steroids online Europe. Have you ever thought how these steroids entered into the market? Or rather, how did the anabolic steroids take birth? Well, there is a little bit of history attached to it. And, history is always very amazing! So, before you buy anabolic steroids, just check out the history of it.

Past years of anabolic steroid

In the year 1935, testosterone was first synthesized in Germany. Back then, it was used to treat depression medically. Soon, the professional athletes began misusing the anabolic steroids. This happened during the Olympics of 1954, especially when the weightlifters of Russia were given testosterone to consume.  Further, in 1980s, the anabolic steroids started to roll amongst the general population. The youngsters began to succumb to the steroids for enhancing their athletic performances. However, in most cases, steroids were taken to improve one’s personal looks.

Generally, the users of anabolic steroids were the non-athlete males. This is because their only aim was to improve their appearances maybe for more public acceptance. To improve their looks, they build muscles and most importantly to correct the male body disorder or dysmorphia. And, all these could be well performed by the anabolic steroids. Just like the female body disorder is connected to the unrealistic portrayal of female in various fashion magazines and the like, the male body disorder too was linked up with exaggerated muscular physic in action and thriller movies.

Anabolic Steroid Act

The Congress passed the Anabolic Steroid Act of 1990. This step was taken to respond to the heavy usage of illicit drugs and abusive users of steroids. Under this act, the steroids were identified as a different class of drugs. Also, it was in this phase that the anabolic steroids were categorized as controlled substances just like two dozens of other drugs. Further, the act declared a definition of this class of drugs into four parts. This definition stated that the new anabolic steroids could be controlled. They were flexible in their manufacturing process. However, soon in 2004, the Congress enacted the Anabolic Steroid Act of 2004. This act prohibited the precursors of steroid. Instead they were fined. In fact, the ones those who were selling or making these steroids had to face heavy penalties. On the contrary, they were funded so that they can afford to get an educational awareness about drugs.

In other countries like Mexico, and similar European nations, steroids could be still bought without the prescription of a doctor. It is believed that this is how the anabolic steroids were smuggled into the US from the other parts of the universe. Besides, other illegal sources of anabolic steroid supplier were prescribing the drug inappropriately or by theft. People even went to the extent of producing anabolic steroids in clandestine laboratories.


Hence, this is how the anabolic steroids got spread amongst the people. The story sounds very interesting. But again and again, it is recommended that you do not use it if not prescribed by your doctor.

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