How Risky Is Weight Loss Surgery – Some Effects And Side Effects

When you are trying to lose weight and no attempt proves effective, you are bound to become frustrated and look for faster solutions. Some go for fad diets, some hit the gym relentlessly and there are few others who start thinking about the weight loss surgery. So, when you have made you mind to go under the knife to lose weight fast, here are certain things you must know and ask the Bariatric Doctor in Delhi.

Effects of weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is not an easy thing nor is it inexpensive. So, a thorough research should be done before choosing this as an option for losing weight fast. The most important effect of weight loss surgery is that it changes permanently the structure of the organs of digestive system. For example, the stomach is cut to the shape of a sleeve in order to reduce the intake capacity. Sometimes, bands are created by tying the portion of stomach to induce satiety faster. Thus, controlling calorie intake is the first and the foremost motive for which this surgery is done.

Side effects you must be aware of

Surgery to reduce weight is not risk-free. Everybody responds to the weight loss surgery differently. Some of the important side effects of weight loss surgery Gurgaon are:

  • Malnutrition
  • Dumping syndrome characterized by nausea and dizziness
  • Bowel irregularity or obstruction
  • Hernia
  • Low blood sugar

These are some long term side effects of weight loss surgery Delhi one may encounter post-op. A few quick effects are acidic reflux, chronic nausea, inability of consuming certain foods, infection in gut; to quote a few.

So, make sure that your have chosen only the best doctor for surgery and have understood repercussions completely before moving to the surgery table.

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