How To Get Your Sex Drive Back After Menopause?

How To Get Your Sex Drive Back After Menopause?

How are Sexuality and Ageing is linked?

Estrogen with or without androgen can increase the impact of physiologic changes of menopause affecting sexuality. Stress and depression can be treated with medical counselling and support. You may or may not need antidepressants to improve your emotional wellbeing. Relationship issues can be treated with couple therapy and support. The marital troubles can either be the cause or consequence of changes in women’s sexual activity and are usually resolves with the return of regular intercourse. The physiological changes of menopause affecting sexual drive largely depend on estrogen production. It is believed that the hypoestrogenic state of menopause may delay clitoral reaction time, resulting in slow or absent orgasmic response in women.

Satisfactory sex life of a woman depends on several things: the presence of sexual desire, stimulation, enough lubrication, and an ability to reach orgasm. After menopause sexual response weakens and various bodily changes can make it more difficult to get aroused, painful to have intercourse and to reach climax. Therefore, many women avoid intimacy entirely. Sexuality in menopause is based on the physical and psychological changes linked to the ageing process. Moreover, additional factors, including the use of certain medications, effects of illness, and psychosocial stressors, can contribute to sexual dysfunction. A woman should be aware of the cause of her sexual dysfunction and available treatment.

In recent years, the research in the field of the ED treatment has made great progress in many areas from an understanding of causes and promoting better care. However, the nature of human sexuality still makes our ability to treat sexual dysfunction in women quite difficult. There is a need for different aspects involved and identifying the strategies for preventing and promoting healthy sexuality during menopause phase.

How to regain your Sex Drive?

Fortunately, effective interventions are available to get the same sexual desire back that you tend to have in your 20s and 30s. Certain strategies are extremely beneficial in improving libido in women. These include lubricants for dryness and pain, sex therapy/counselling, hormone therapy, and medications to revive sexual drive. Moreover, making certain lifestyle modifications can help improve sexuality in women. If you are experiencing a decline in your sexual drive, these few tips can help you get your groove back:

Fix an appointment

Yes, get a complete physical examination under a health care specialist guidance so that an underlying medical condition can be determined and treated at the right time. It may be difficult to discuss sexual health issues with someone. Still, one should understand that a health care professional can be a valuable resource and can offer you a complete solution to your problem.

Discuss drug side effects

Discuss with your health care specialist if any medications or dietary supplements you are consuming may be interfering with sexual function. One must be especially careful about consuming drugs for diabetes, depression, hypertension, anxiety, and cancer.

Quit bad habits

If you smoke, quit immediately. If you wish to revive your sexuality, then kick the bad habit. Smoking may not only trigger erection issues in males but may also negatively affect sexual function in females. Although a small glass of wine might enhance sexual performance, heavy drinking may make it difficult for you to reach orgasm.

Look out for hormone therapy

Women facing a severe decline in their sexual performance may talk to their health care providers about testosterone therapy. Your health care provider will prescribe the lowest dose possible for the shortest times, along with estrogen, patches, gels, or cream rather than pills. Women with breast or uterine cancer or liver or heart disease should not receive hormone therapy.

Skip supplements

A wide range of sexual enhancement supplements are available in medical and health food stores. Various online platforms are also selling supplements that claim to restore sexual function in both men and women. They may contain herbs and other nutritional ingredients, but none of these supplements proved safe and effective in reviving sexuality. If not taken under the guidance of sexual health expert, they may interact with other medications that you may be taking. They can be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions. Men can use ED medication to restore their sexual dysfunction. Valif 20 mg is an ideal option for men.