how to make kitfo?

Kitfo Recipe

kitfo is an Ethiopian food . lets learn how to make !

i want tell you my first experience about kitfo ! the first time i had test it .

In this post I am going to describe the culinary experience I gained. After a tiring day, I returned home. I had a lot to

do and I didn’t even have time to eat and rest. I had to stay late to finish my job and deliver on time. And when I got home that night, I was so tired that I didn’t even have dinner and went to bed immediately.

At 12pm I woke up and felt tired and hungry. I went to the kitchen immediately. I couldn’t cook enough food. i was so tired . I’d rather take a shower to be happy. I made a glass of tea after my bath. And I watched TV. The cooking program was broadcast.

I was bored to watch the program. The chef was cooking and he wa defining about its taste. I told myself how delicious a meal it can be to define it. I was eager to see the result of the chef’s definitions .

I poured myself another cup of tea, but the chef was still complimenting the food. After 5 minutes, what I was looking for was interesting. The color of food caused excitement. The combination of green and red makes this dish look so beautiful.

My mouth dropped. I was very hungry anymore. I got a lot of energy. I tied the apron and put on my hat and washed my hands. As the chef said, I put all the stuff on the table and started. I hurried to prepare this dish so I could eat it.


which ingredients you need ?

Luckily I had all the raw materials. Minced meat, spices, pepper powder, garlic, salt, butter and aromatic vegetables such as sour cream and cheese. I cooked the meat for a little over 2 to 5 minutes. I mixed all the ingredients together.
The chef on TV poured meat on vine leafs to make it more beautiful. I did it like a cook. i put vine leafs In a beautiful container that my grandmother’s gift, I cut leaves from the yard. then put the meat into the container . I poured some cheese on the meat and decorated it with mint. I cut the pieces of bread with a knife in the shape of a triangle.

I put the bread on the plate. What a scene! I enjoyed seeing the plate in front of me.The combination of colors makes this dish extraordinary. Immediately I entered the room and changed my clothes. I poured myself a cool drink and started eating. that was perfect . Although I made a lot of it, it was actually enough for 3 people! But I ate it all. It tasted great!

i have making this easy and colorful dish for 2 years .

Ethiopian food
Whenever I am tired and have no food to eat, I immediately start making this food. I have used different meats like lamb and turkey but it tastes better with beef.

I’ve told many of my friends about this dish recipe , and I wanted to share it with you so you can enjoy it.

Oops !I forgot to tell you the name of the food .Ephiopians call this fantastic dish ‘ Kitfo ‘ .
make kitfo and learn other ones and enjoy it .

Of course, the first time I made the kitchen extremely dirty, but it was a good experience. True, I was not as skilled as a TV chef, but it was a practical training for me.

That cooking program on that boring day made for me the best memory.

dd other ingredients to this dish and taste different flavors.

Anyone who has tried this dish has fallen in love with it.

Anyone who has tried this dish has fallen in love with it.

enjoy your meal .

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