Premarital Sexual Relationships: The Issue That Needs To Be Erased

When we talk about the sexually transmitted disease then it is noticed more in the teenagers. Teenager sexual activity has become a major problem confronting the nation. Because of the lack of knowledge they tend to fall into the pit of emotional and psychological injuries. Teenage pregnancies, not only spoil the life of the family but the life of the teenager too.

To support this scenario many of the studies are going on the way. According to the study, males are more attracted towards the pre-marital sex than female. Sometimes people get involved in this activity because of many reasons like the curiosity of the sexual part of life, sometimes forcefully rushing by the friends and many more reasons are there. Viagra is the drug that teenagers are picking for their recreational activity and to just enjoy the life fullest but they exactly don’t know the result of all this.

Teenagers or the aged unmarried men suffer from ED like a disease, in that case, Viagra-like drugs are helpful but using it without the doctor’s prescription is not safe. Viagra couponsthose are nowadays common for having discounts after prescribed by the doctors. Viagra coupon of 100mg, 50 mg and 25mg is available.

What you have to do is giving Viagra coupon code which provides great discounts to the person in need. But the scenario of premarital sexual relationship is going high because people know all about these drugs but not the results that they give in their life when taken without the prescription.

The sexual revolution has ushered in the period where the average adolescent faces tremendous pressure to have sexual experiences of all type. In the world of internet, it becomes very easy to have all kind of information regarding the sex. So teenagers are more likely to attract towards the internet to clear their curiosity of sex.

Parents at home and teachers in schools feel uneasy to discuss this and the effects they find is their kids in the wrong way. This all bad happens when the influence of friends and the outsiders become more than the parents and the teachers. Girls have sex to be loved but boys love to have sex.  Virginity is the gift that the girl gives to her husband and the boy to his wife but knowing all these still people commit these acts of premarital sexual relationships.

The knowledge of pre-marital sexual relationship among the youth has been observed to be weak, that results in unwanted pregnancies and the sexually transmitted disease. Viagra like drugs are for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction like issues but youth are picking this for the fun.

Sexual intercourse is neither morally evil nor good but the point is when and with whom it makes all good and bad. After marriage sexual intercourse is legal but before it is considered to be illegal and the law is because the age and maturity are the major factors of having sexual intimacy with the opposite gender.

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