Soothe Anxiety and Sensory Overload With a Weighted Blanket

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the major causes of insomnia include medical problems like acid reflux, asthma, back pain, and sinus allergies, depression and anxiety, eating the wrong foods, and simple lifestyle choices not conducive to getting enough sleep every night. Some of these problems can be solved easily by avoiding caffeine, treating your allergies, or making sure your tucked in bed at a reasonable hour. However, other problems are not so easy to handle unless you are ready to try out the latest recommendation for a great night sleep.

Weighted Blanket 101

These blankets come in a variety of fabric choices, sizes, and weights to suit all types of people. They are stitched together securely so none of the heavy materials inside can come out and make a mess. These consists of usually plastic or glass beads that are evenly distributed throughout the cover. Because these blankets are obviously heavy, it is important to get the right weight for the person who will use it. A small child will do well with a five pound one, which would be to light for an adult to get all the benefits. They usually go up to 20 to 30 pounds.

Have doctors and therapists have used these for decades in the therapeutic treatment of people with disorders such as autism, ADD, depression, and anxiety. The same benefits these people get from the weighted blanket can now help you get a great night sleep.

How Does It Work?

Lack of appropriate levels of restful sleep can affect your entire life and overall health. Being tired makes you cranky, irritable, and more likely to get angry at other people or situations. It can also affect your productivity at work or school. Other risks include increased chance of serious concerns like heart disease.

A weighted blanket use regularly offers what is called deep pressure touch simulation (DPTS), which is the term for what you get during a therapeutic massage, for example. Not only does the pressure feel cozy and comforting, it actually affects your brain and body chemistry.

The DPTS from the weighted blanket triggers the production and release of serotonin from the brain. This feel-good hormone not only makes your mood elevate and anxiety lift, it also gets converted through a natural process into melatonin. People with insomnia often take melatonin supplements to try to get a good nights sleep, but triggering your body’s own natural process may work better.

If you think that these heavy covers will make you hot and uncomfortable, there are certain materials crafted into cooling weighted blanket options. The goal is your complete comfort and a cozy feeling of security that will help you release the stresses of the day, counteract anxiety and irritability, and let you sink down into pleasant and restful sleep.

You can find weighted blankets in various weights that are suitable for both adults and children. This gives you the option to help your entire family rest peacefully and the bad moods and sluggishness that can affect everybody’s relationships and how much they get done each day.

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