What Happens To Your Body If You Eat 1 Banana Daily?

What Happens to Your Body if You Eat 1 Banana Daily

How Many Banana You Should Eat?

Balance and variety are the hallmarks of a healthy diet chart.

Although bananas are a healthy, nutrient snack, eating it too much could be detrimental. Bananas also contain various plant compounds that may help to reduce stress levels, any chronic disease, inflammation.

The WHO (World Health Organization) also recommends eating at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day to stay healthy. Adding a banana in your daily diet is a great way to boost your intake of whole fruit and step forward to promote your overall health.

Keep on reading to know the science-based health benefits of bananas. Banana is one of the world’s most incredibly popular fruit, it contains many amazing yet important nutrients and other related facts. Some of them are:

Banana contains a good amount of fibre along with several anti-oxidants. One medium-size approx 18-120 grams) of banana boost the recommended dietary intake of:

  • Calories – 105
  • Vitamin B – 33%
  • Manganese -14%
  • Vitamin C – 11%
  • Copper -10%
  • Potassium – 9%
  • Magnesium – 8%
  • Fiber – 1 grams
  • Net carbs – 24 grams
  • Protein – 3 grams
  • Fat – 4 grams

The color, size, and shape of the bananas vary according to the weather and climate of a particular country. The banana commonly looks Green in color when unripe and become light yellow as it matures. Each banana carries about 105 calories and consists potential carbs. Bananas hold very little protein and almost with no fat.

The unripe (green) bananas consist mostly of starch but as soon as it ripens, the starch turns into glucose (sugar).

What happens to your body if you eat 1 Banana daily?

One medium-size approx 18-120 grams) of banana gives immense health benefits, some of them are:

Normalize arterial pressure – Reduces high blood pressure.
Reduces excess weight – being rich in fiber banana keeps your tummy full for long as it contains starch which reduces the appetite and helps you in weight loss.
Reduces the risk of anaemia – Anaemia causes tiredness, paleness, and breathing issues. It happens when you have a low level of haemoglobin in the blood. Bananas contain a lot of iron elements, which stimulates the production of red blood cells. Bananas also contain vitamin B6, which regulates blood glucose levels and fighting anaemia.
Improves digestion – Bananas are easy to digestive good
Reduces stress level – Banana contains tryptophan (an amino acid) required by our bodies in order to receive happiness hormone, therefore, bananas freshen up your mood.
Loaded with vitamin B6 – One banana contains approx 20% of your daily requirement of vitamin B6. This helps your body produce haemoglobin, tryptophan, natural insulin for creating healthy cells.
Increases energy level – Bananas contained a good amount of potassium which protects your muscles from cramps, whilst the carbs provide you with enough energy to perform heavy workouts.

Are Bananas Good or Bad?

Eating anything in access only the causes of bad things than good. Banana is a healthy addition to almost any of the diet, but eating too much of it can lead to health complications or nutrient deficiencies.

Generally, bananas are not considered as high-calorie food, however, if your banana causing you to eat more than your body needs than it could lead to unhealthy weight gain especially when you may consider banana for weight loss. Eating too many bananas may also lead to weight gain, poor blood sugar control, and nutrient deficiencies.

The benefits of bananas are not hidden, but at the same time, your body has a complex digestion system that requires many types of nutrients for proper body function. The best way to ensure that you are feeding your body as much it needs is to eat an assortment of foods from each food group.

There is no specific number that makes bananas good or bad. It really depends on individual unique calorie and nutrient needs. One can eat as many bananas he or she wants, as long as you are not over-consuming calories. As per doctors, 1 to 3 bananas a day considered as a moderate intake for most healthy people.

Don’t forget to include a variety of other nutrients like: dense vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats in your daily diet.