What Your Woman Really Feels About Sex?

What your Woman Really Feels About Sex?

Benefits of Having Sex:

Sex is not just a pleasurable play but also an option to console your senses and bring peace to mind and body.

In this article, we will try to cover the points where will see what a woman really feels about sex. Making love to your partner is the one way by which you may find yourself more associated. Apart from this, the beneficial effects of sex are also not hidden. A woman expresses and experiences her sexuality bit different from her male partner. Although there are many benefits of having sex, some of them are hereunder:

  • Improves immunity
  • Gives younger looking skin
  • Controls blood pressure
  • A good exercise for complete body and its organs
  • Better sleep
  • Releases stress
  • Lower the risk of prostate cancer
  • Improves your self-confidence
  • Prevent a heart attack
  • Fight with cold and flu
  • Many more to name on….

Sexual Satisfaction

It is true that men are more expressive in bed and they crave for sex more often than women do. For a woman reaching to a best climaxing is not everything. Along with sex, she expects a feel from her partner with whom she can cuddle and live the special moment.

The Desire of Sex

According to sex researcher, the orgasm is the desired of a woman. For a man, getting attracted to having direct sex with his partner is easy but the woman has a different state of mind for this course. She likes and expects a lot of romance and foreplay before indulging in main sexual activity. Sensational romance and foreplay assure her of her sexual desirability.

A Mind Game

Most of men complaints and often found disappointed as they feel that their partner doesn’t crave for his body as much he do. Here, a man has to understand that her body has different hormones from you. When man hormones drive for loud screaming woman hormones start whispering. Imagination, fantasizing and affectionate cuddling ignites her sexual organs.

Comfort and Timing

Woman love doing sex, there is no doubt about it, but her desire can easily be derailed by restlessness, tiredness, body-ache or due to menopause. She doesn’t get satisfied until aroused fully and bringing her to upto that level can be bumpy climb as at time she takes around 45 minutes to reach the peak. The sexual dysfunction in women can break the rhythm of getting inclined toward sex.

Basic Checklist

You can certainly set the mood of your female partner and can make her love with a passionate touch and close intimacy. Her emotional safety before sexual moment shouldn’t be ignored by her partner.

Important Aspects

A good sexual relationship is a complete package. Making love to her may flow from the warmth and heat she feels in the relationship. Hanging out together, talking heart to heart, helping each other in managing home and life balance are some of the basic key aspects that develop a strong bond between partners.