Why Buy Weed Online in Canada

With legalization of marijuana in Canada, purchasing marijuana can either be a hassle or not depending on what province you live in. For instance provinces such as BC are opening up many more cannabis dispensaries than Ontario, so depending on where you live purchasing pot from a dispensary may be an hassle.

If you’re one of those people who can’t be bothered going to a medical marijuana dispensary then you’ll be happy there is a reliable option available. Mail order marijuana is quickly becoming a growing industry with hundreds of sites currently available to deliver weed to your doorstep.

Whether you’re a medicinal or recreational user, you can find thousands of cannabis-related products online that you likely couldn’t get from your “guy”.

Purchasing cannabis online provides better quality since almost every product is lab tested, packaged and ready to be delivered to your mailbox.

If you live in a condo you don’t have to worry as packaging is discreet. Nobody will know what you ordered unless you tell them. As mentioned the packaging is discreet and sealed so nobody will ever suspect the contents. Your privacy is protected and most dispensaries use discreet names.

Ordering cannabis online for the first time can be quite daunting; this is why Weed List is the perfect market place to buy your weed online. Weed List has the largest catalogue online with thousands of options including dry herbs, delicious edibles, concentrates such as shatter and tinctures, cannabis seeds, topicals for skin care, vape pens, cannabis vaporizers and more.

Buying weed online is as simple as shopping on Amazon. Since all mail order marijuana websites cannot accept major credit cards you will have to pay via bitcoin or e-transfer payment.

Shipping can take up to 10 business days however most dispensaries offer expedited shipping so you don’t have to wait. From personal experience products are usually delivered within 5 business days. Most sites offer bulk discounts where shipping is free for orders over $100.

If you’re planning on buying in bulk, you can really save money on large orders. Since brick-and-mortar dispensaries only have limited strains, you can find almost any strain through cannabis websites such as Weed List.

For those who are suffering from social anxiety or critically ill, you don’t need to deal with having to visit a local dispensary for your medical marijuana. Medical users can take control of their lives and order it on their own easily through cannabis websites.

If you’ve never ordered marijuana then give it a try through Weed List. Weed List is the perfect resource for medical and recreational marijuana users looking to buy weed online in Canada.


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