Yoga, Workout, and Meditation: Both should be practiced for Ultimate Benefits

For an overall benefit, yoga and meditation should be practiced together because the mind and body relationship can be improved. A lot of yoga styles incorporates meditation and are used for breathing control. Without yoga, you can still practice meditation which will enable you to clear your mind, relax and control your breathing, but when combined with yoga, you will get health benefits too. You can also try meditation and workout.

Why is it tough to concentrate while performing yoga, workout or meditation?

The process through which you focus your mind on one thought or object is called concentration. While concentrating, you should be able to focus on what you are concentrating steadily for a period of time.

When you are unable to concentrate, don’t get frustrated, because it is natural that your mind will wander, eventually by practicing more you will be able to focus your mind on a singular object or thought.

Meditation and Yoga

Concentration is the core of meditation, workout and yoga. If there is no concentration, there is no meditation, so your meditation won’t be a perfect one till you can concentrate. After you have a steady mind, you will find that all the other aspects of your life are balanced and steady.

How to concentrate?

Try from your inner aspects, like:

  • counting numbers in your mind
  • try to concentrate on your breathing
  • concentrate on your heartbeat

You can also try concentrating on external objects such as:

  • on the flame of a candle
  • making circles or point on a paper and try to concentrate
  • try to concentrate on your clock’s ticking.

There are other external sources, such as music which is made solely for yoga and meditation. If you don’t want to buy one, you find the best music for Yoga, Workout and Meditation on your YouTube for free and listen to them. The music will take you to a different land, and you can concentrate much faster and learn to concentrate much easily with the help of the music playing in the background on YouTube while practicing Yoga, Workout or Meditation. So, let’s not waste time, and go to the link mentioned above and try the better way of concentrating.

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